Rules and Policies

We embrace each other's differences


THPS - Respectful Responsible Learners

The core values of being Respectful, Responsible Learners is taught in the classroom to help our students to:

  • develop a love of learning

  • pursue excellence and high standards

  • develop care and respect for themselves and others

  • take pride in their work

  • exhibit a strong sense of fairness and social justice

  • have respect for and understanding of Australia's history including the cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first peoples of Australia, and Australia as a multicultural society

  • have an appreciation of Australia's history and multicultural society

  • actively participate as citizens.

All students are expected to:

  • attend school every day, unless they are legally excused

  • be in class on time and prepared to learn

  • maintain a neat appearance and follow the school uniform policy

  • behave safely, considerately and responsibly including when travelling to and from school

  • follow class rules, speak courteously and cooperate with instructions and learning activities

  • treat staff, other students and members of the school community with dignity and respect

  • show consideration and care for property belonging to themselves, the school and others.


Parent Code of Conduct Policy 2013